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NYR/MINN 3/18 Review: King Raanta & Rangers Tame The Wild (Har, Har, Har), The Playoff Push, Never-Ending Line-Up Changes, Political Correctness, The Traveling “Glassholes”, Are We Near the End of Raanta’s NYR Career, Putting The “Special” in Special Teams, A Huge Leslie Jones Rant, Talbot Making History & More

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Due to a crazy work week and St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t do a blog about the Rangers/Panthers game. Perhaps that was for the best! Here’s my quick take on the 4-3 OT Florida loss: Two quick NYR goals Laze around and skate aimlessly […]

NHL 2016-2017 Predictions: Analyzing All 30 NHL Teams, Who Will Win The Cup, Who Makes The Playoffs & More

Another NHL season will be here in two weeks time, give or take, and like many fans, I like to predict who will finish where. Last year, while many of my NYR predictions came true (early exit, Lundqvist can’t carry the team to the cup, Stanley Cup window is closed) I was hit or miss […]

NYR’s West Coast Disaster Monster Blog: Looking at the Rangers Organization From the Top-to-the-Bottom, Same Old Lundqvist, Rick “Carl Pavano” Nash, Third Period Woes, Dolan/Slats Failures, Realistic Expectations, Looking Ahead & Much More

Miss me? Welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. As I said after the Pittsburgh game on Sunday, I couldn’t recap the Anaheim or LA game, due to my real life job. Just didn’t have enough time. However, it was fun live tweeting with everyone in Rangerstown. If you follow me on twitter, @NYCTheMiC, you […]

Monster NY Rangers Blog: Can The Rangers Win With Lundqvist In The Current NHL Climate, Young Guns Firing Blanks, Glass & Boyle Shining Like Everyone Thought(!), AV’s Decisions, Hayes in the Outhouse, Jaromir Jagr & Much More From a Teary Eyed Rangerstown

I debated how to open this blog. Do I go right for the jugular or give you a quick little intro? Is it even worth talking about the individual games themselves or talk about the problems that happen every single game. The fury is definitely building up in Rangerstown.  I thought in my last blog, […]

NYR/WSH Game 6 Recap: Breaking Holtby, Talking Luck & Jinxes, Offense Improves, The Amazing Kreiderman, Lundqvist Driving Me Nuts, 13th Straight One Goal Game, Ovi Says Caps Will Win Game 7, Nash Finally Scores & Much Much More!

The story of tonight’s game in two words What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on DOINOW.com. Based on the feedback I’ve received, it seems we have some new readers here, so here’s the usual intro for once: You can check out the archives and previous blogs on the right hand of the […]

Super Saturday Thoughts: Mayweather/Pacquiao, Kentucky Derby, Horse Racing vs Cock Fights,The Rangers, The Spurs, PPV Money & Much More

There are a million May-Pac memes out there, but this is my favorite so far Welcome everyone to a rare Sunday blog, here on DOINOW.com. What a long day yesterday was in the sports world. Of course, the Rangers defeated the Capitals to tie their series at one a piece, the Clippers shockingly sent the […]

NYR/WSH Game 1 Round 2 Recap: Adam Graves, Tons of Pics, Klein, Zucc, Lundqvist vs Holtby, The Great #8, Heartbreaking Loss, Defense, Offensive Woes & Much More

Not my best angle & this pic was rushed, but at least I got to see Graves again! Yuck. Fuck. Yuck. Ugh. Welcome everyone to another blog here on DOINOW.com. It’s late, so we’ll skip the usual spiel. You already know to check the archives for previous blogs and all that nonsense. The Rangers dropped […]

Point/Counter-Point: Previewing NYR/WSH with Caps Reporter Rob Parker of JapersRink.com, Keys to the Series, Who To Watch, Predictions & More

Round Two, It’s On! In continuing our Rangers playoff coverage, here on DOINOW.com, I present to you another Point-Counterpoint discussion, this time with Washington Capitals fan & writer for JapersRink.com, Rob Parker. Rob Parker did me the courtesy of talking the Capitals and gave me their view, heading into the second round series with the […]

NYR/WSH Round Two Set, Islanders Elimination Thoughts, Early NYR/WSH Preview, Ovechkin Doesn’t Suck, Zuccarello, Klein, Playoff Predictions & Much More

Rangers vs Capitals is set! Welcome everyone to another blog here, on DOINOW.com. Unlike usual, this won’t be a long one! Let’s get right into it! As you may have heard by now, the Washington Capitals have eliminated the NY Islanders, in seven games, to advance to the second round, where they will meet the […]

Point/Counter-Point: Discussing Rangers/Penguins, The Entire NHL Playoffs, Predictions, Non-Playoff NHL Teams & More In This New Feature

Welcome everyone to another blog, here on DOINOW.com. For the first time, Joe DiLeo & myself present to you “Point/Counterpoint”, where we discuss Rangers vs Penguins and the entire NHL playoffs. For the younger generation, this is basically what people in my day called an “AOL IM chat.” This is basically a podcast in text […]