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NY Rangers Off-Season Blog: Looking at Every Player Under Contract & Their Deals, Who Will Be Here, Who’s Gone, Call-Up’s, Potential Free Agents, Why I Would Keep Cam Talbot & More

The man who will have a job for life because Dolan does not care about the Rangers Welcome everyone to another blog here on DOINOW.com. As the 2014-2015 season still lingers in our minds, there is nothing we can do about it, but just think, “What if?” If you haven’t already, check out my 2014-2015 […]

NYR/TBL Game 3 ECF Recap: Lundqvist Chokes Leads, Why I Would Start Talbot In Game 4, Why That Won’t Happen, 5 Goals Not Enough for the “King”, Touchdown Tampa, Nash & More From The Worst Rangers Loss of the Season

Oh wait, wrong sport. Couldn’t tell with Lundqvist in net. Yea, no intro today. You already know. The Rangers lost Game 3 of the ECF, to the Tampa Bay Lightning, 6-5, in overtime. TBL takes the series lead at 2-1. While watching this game, I received more facebook tags, twitter mentions and text messages than […]

NYR/TBL Game 2 ECF Recap: Bishop Takes King, Special Teams, Lundqvist & Why People Are Scared To Call Him Out, Who Should Start Game 3, Boyle Improves While MSL Regresses, OVERPASSING, Sky Isn’t Falling & More

Lundqvist is now 2-11 in his last 13 Game 2’s. I have gastroenteritis right now, so I am literally & figuratively, in a shitty mood right now. No normal intro, you know the spiel already. Sorry for posting this blog so late, but as I’ve said in the past, after these playoff games, I’m either […]

NYR/TBL ECF Game 1 Recap: Rangers Dominate A One Goal Game, Lundqvist Superior Again, Cam Talbot’s Role in the Playoffs, Dominic Moore Puts His Cape on Again, D Steps Up & Much More From Your Blue Collar Blueshirt Blogger

How can you not root for this man? Welcome everyone to another blog here, on DOINOW.com. As always, check out the right hand of the site for the archives, live tweets, search button and all those other goodies. What a game, what a game, what a game. I don’t have to tell you. It’s amazing […]

Point/Counterpoint with Tampa Bay Lightning Reporter, John Fontana: Previewing the Eastern Conference Finals, Talking Rangers vs Bolts, Callahan vs MSL, Bishop vs Lundqvist, Strengths vs Weaknesses & Much More In This Detailed ECF Preview

The ECF, it’s on! The Eastern Conference Finals starts this Saturday, at 1PM in MSG. You can read my Capitals/Rangers Game 7 Recap, the official Rangers postgame news/notes & get the entire ECF schedule off the main page here on DOINOW.com. Today I am joined by John Fontana (@johnny_fonts on twitter) of the Tampa Bay […]

NYR/WSH Game 7 Recap: NYR Heads to the ECF, Lundqvist Shines in Another Game 7, Stepan Pulls a Matteau, Ovi’s Guarantee, Horrible Officiating, My Response to Dave Maloney, $1000 Tickets & Much More From A Huge Blueshirt Victory

STEPAN! STEPAN! STEPAN! Welcome everyone to another blog here on DOINOW.com. Sorry for the belated timing of this blog, but as I’ve said in the past, if a blog isn’t up within two hours of a game, it means that I’m either miserable after a loss or celebrating a huge win. Either way, this blog […]

NYR/WSH Round Two Game 3 Recap: Rangers Crap The Bed, Holtby Outplays Hank, Kreider, Another Paint-By-The-Numbers Brutal Rangers Loss & More

Recapping the NYR vs Washington Game 3 event in one picture Blah, blah, blah, insert intro here. I’m so mad right now, I don’t even know what to do with this blog. Should I give you the same effort the Rangers gave tonight and just tell you the Rangers lost 1-0 in Game 3 and […]

NYR/WSH Round 2, Game 2 Recap: The Amazing Kreiderman, Lundqvist vs Holtby, Ovi, JEFFREY & Boyle, AV & More In This Neutralizing Victory!

Kreider was in BEAST MODE today! Welcome to another blog here on DOINOW.com! As always, check out the right hand of the site for the live tweets, archives and all that other good stuff. As I type this right after the game, this may be a quick one, as we’re experiencing the biggest sports day […]

NYR/LA Recap: Breaking Down Hank’s Return, TY Skaps, Talbot, Rangers Get Manhandled, Where is Rick Nash, Goalie Thoughts & More

The time is now for Henrik Lundqvist Welcome to another blog here, on the new and improved DOINOW.com. I gotta be up at 5AM, so let’s get right into it. Of course, check out the right hand of the site for the archives, live tweets, search button and all that good shit. Don’t forget to […]

NYR/FLA Recap: Talbot Steals Another One, Fourth Line Questions, Hank vs Cam Again, Skapski, The Great Jagr, Defense, Missing PP, Dan Boyle’s Wife & More After a Presidential Fugly Win!

WHO YA GONNA CALL? GOALBUSTER Welcome everyone to another blog here on the new & improved DOINOW.com. There’s a lot to get into, so don’t forget to check out the archives on the right hand of the site, as I do not like to rehash things I’ve already said. Don’t forget to try the black […]