NY Rangers Pictorial 2014-2015 Season in Review

This may take a while to load, but here is my Rangers season in pictures:


Preseason against the Blackhawks


Welcoming Brad Richards back


Taking on the Devils in the preseason


Opening Day at MSG


Rangerstown in October


The Rangers went all out for Opening Day


The new addition to the rafters


Opening night at MSG


The Rangers saluted MSG before Hank got blown away, another 6 Goals Allowed


Hank gave up another 6 goals in this game, this time vs NYI


Story of my life


Had a drink or 20 during my Montreal trip


TC & I in Montreal


Canadiens HOF


MSG should have a museum too


Fuck Subban!


The Habs have won everything


Enjoying MTL with TC and Borgata Ray


Warm ups


Hank lost this game too, like usual


Can you believe MTL traded McDonagh?


The person who should have started in MTL


MSL practicing his signature shot


One of the many Hank losses I paid for this season


With Ronnie G.


The beginning of finding out that Talbot was real


With the Hockey Maven at my last game at the barn


Going to see Talbot’s first game as starter, a win


With another WFAN mongo!


Remember the Father’s trip?


Rangers at the Bold


Amazing Kreiderman


Chilling at the bougias MSG bar


Talbot after a shutout


Celebrating a Rangers win




So funny


A nice pregame cocktail




A common issue


A real King


Blowing out the Ducks


How I feel about Hank’s contract


This guy was crazy drunk the day NYR won the Presidents Trophy




I don’t agree with the person who made this, but it is funny


Will the NYR add a fifth cup when paying a goalie 10% of payroll?


More Ranger blogs to come.

Sean McCaffrey


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