Month: April 2016

NYR/Pitt Game 5 Review: Dolan & Sather Fail Again, King No-Cup Gets Severely Embarrassed, Lundqvist Ranks Dead Last In GAA & SV% Among All Playoff Goalies (BUT HE’S NOT OVERPAID!), Goalies Making $8M Less Than The Faux King Dominate League-Wide, RIP To A Dreadful Ending of a Season & More In this Monster Blog

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. If I went with my original draft, written on my phone on the train home from NYC after the game, it wouldn’t have been pretty. I’m more coherent here in this version! You know the normal intro by now and if you’re new and just checking this […]

NYR/PITT Game 4 Review: Lundquits Takes His Throne on the Bench Yet Again, Rangers Show Less Life Than Prince, Senile Slats & Young Talent & More In This “I-Told-Ya-So” Reaming

Welcome everyone to another blog here on I got a lot of emails & tweets from readers here looking for a Game 3 recap, but real life beckons. I was able to attend game 3, but wasn’t able to get anything posted here due to my real job. 12 hour work days are brutal, […]

NYR/Pitt Game 2 Recap: Pitt Has No “Eye-dea” How To Solve Lundqvist, Ranger Parties in NYC, My Nostradamus Game 2 Prediction, Girardi, Rangers D Issues, Looking at Game 3 & More

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on Sorry for the lateness of this blog, but after a monumental win, enjoying a beer or twenty, lack of sleep from a near 70 hour work week and a LIRR train that just sucks the life out of you, sometimes these blogs don’t go […]

NYR/PITT Game 1 Recap: Rangers Can’t Beat a 3rd String Goalie, Down Goes Lundqvist, EMERSON F’N ETEM, Marc Staal Scares Everyone, Rangers All Talk & No Action and More From A Typical Playoff Loss

Welcome everyone to another blog here on This was a late game and I got work tomorrow. In other words, let’s make it quick. The Rangers were humiliated by the Pittsburgh Penguins in game one of their opening quarterfinal match-up, with a score of 5-2. With the loss, the Rangers have now lost four […]

New York Rangers First Round Playoff Preview, Win a Signed Zuccarello Stick, My NHL Bracket, Marc Staal Drug Test, Another Bettman Fail, Being Realistic, The 4 Non-Blondes Talk the New York Rangers & More

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on Here’s the usual quick intro stuff: Check out the archives by using the search button on the right hand of the site or browsing month by month. You can follow me on the twitter @NYCTHEMIC I do not hate Henrik Lundqvist. I hate his […]

New York Rangers 2015-2016 Regular Season Report Card: Grading Every Player On the Team. Plus: Looking At My NHL Predictions Before the Season Started

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on As I currently type this blog up, the Islanders just laid down to the Flyers. As a result, the Rangers go to Pittsburgh. Lucky me, I got tickets for Games 3 & 4 at MSG. Hopefully, those aren’t the last two games of the […]

NYR/NYI Review: Rangers Best Loss of the Season, Zuccarello Receives The Steve McDonald Award, Isles Embarrass Lundqvist Again; Sweep Season Series, Possible Playoff Scenarios (Bust Out the CopperTone) & More From MSG

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on As always, you can follow my live thoughts about the games on twitter @NYCTHEMIC, find previous blogs in the archives by searching on the right hand of the site and yes; I’m working crazy hours so these blogs aren’t as long as usual. Now […]

NYR/TBL Recap: Bring Up The Wolfpack Immediately, Lundqvist Finally Beats Tampa*, McDonagh Injury, The Playoff Bound Rangers & More Ramblings & Musings As We Approach The Playoffs

Welcome to another blog here on Sorry for the lack of updates, but with a crazy work schedule that starts by waking up at 4:30AM & not getting home til 7PM, it’s been tough to pump these out. I apologize for the brevity of this blog in advance, but real life calls and this […]

NYR/CAR Review: “Give Me Two Goals And I’ll Blow This”, Lundqvist Average Again, Another 4.00 GAA For “The King”, Rangers Lose the Staal Cup & Second Place and Much More

I really thought this would be a celebration blog. I really did. The Rangers, who have been playing really well, ever since the San Jose loss, dropped a disgusting game to the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday night, with a final of 4-3. Worst of the matter, I had $600 on this, that’s how confident I […]