Month: February 2015

NYR/CAL Review: Live From The Bougias Seats in MSG, Talbot, Hayes & More

#1 Star of the Game, Cam “Motherfuckin’” Talbot TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! TALBOT! Now that I got that out of my system, welcome to another blog, here on the brand new! A huge thank you goes to Candice (@candieaddiction on the twitter) for her hard work on revamping the site. I’m really […]

NYR/BUF Recap: The Biggest Night in Skapski’s Life, Rangers Dominate,The Powerplay & Much More

In Skapski We Trust? Welcome everyone to another blog here on As always, thanks for your support and checking this site out. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders, always raise the points when holding Jacks or higher in Broadway, try the to-go chicken noodle soup at the Bold, and always, ALWAYS, use “IN CAM […]